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43% of computer users worldwide lose irreplaceable emails, documents, photos and other files.

Offsite Backup Technologies is here to protect your data by providing full encryption of data through Offsite Data Backup.
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Offsite Data Backup & Storage

Offsite Backup Technologies offsite data backup services includes the backing up of standard data files (Documents, spreadsheets, pictures, video, etc.) along with application data such as MS SQL Server, MYSQL, MS Exchange Server, Oracle Server or Lotus Notes. No backup job is too small or too large for our state of the art backup servers.
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Automatic scheduling of incremental/full backups with compression and 128-bit Secure Socket Layer encryption during transmission is standard. Daily backup status reports are e-mailed to you or multiple users to ensure that a successful offsite data backup has been completed.

Local Data Backup Is Not Enough

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Many companies rely on local backups to protect their data; the truth is local backups are not enough. Local backups generally do not protect your company from fire, flood, theft or many other disastrous situations.

Portable media is an option for offsite backups but it has limitations. You must remember to transport the backup to and from a safe location. Portable storage is generally not as reliable, not encrypted, often not tested and can even be stolen.
Basic File Storage - Data Backup
Starting from $30.00 Month
img 5GB storage with web interface
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img SSL/TLS Encryption
Intermediate File Storage - Data Backup
img Starting from $75.00 Month
img 50 GB Storage with web interface
Data stored offsite
img SSL/TLS Encryption
Advanced File Storage - Data Backup
Starting from $175 Month
img 100 GB space with web interface
img Data stored offsite
img SSL/TLS Encryption