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Offsite Data Backup Services
Accessible anywhere
You can access your files anytime or anywhere directly from the client installed on your PC/laptop
Multicomputer (several computers, one account)
Not all companies let a single user protect several computers with the same account. Most follow the concept of one account, one computer. We allow to you backup your home and office computers and access data through a single interface, regardless of where the data came from.
Real time backup
If a user creates a new file or changes an existing one, our Backup procedure can automatically save the new or changed file on the remote server.
Fully automated
Once you choose what to save, our backup procedure begins with your PC, continuously protecting your data! You can also decide to backup new files at any time until you fill all your available space.
Scalable On-Demand
Available space can be increased at ANY TIME by paying for additional GB’s. Our system allows complete flexibility and will take your storage needs into account!
The system traces all changes made on a certain file for a virtually indefinite period of time. Whenever the file is saved, the system only saves the incremental part, creating a new version. Thus, if you want to restore an old document that was accidentally overwritten, simply go back and open all the previous versions. The system does not delete saved files unless the user deletes them. Only a few providers include this essential feature.