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Offsite Data Backup: Intermediate File Storage Rates & Features
Remote backup is the best way to protect against data loss by storing your computer data outside of your home or office environment. Our Intermediate File Storage plans start at just $75.00 a month and include:

  • 26-75 GB Storage with web interface.
  • Data stored offsite.
  • SSL/TLS Encryption.

Our system uses the Internet to transfer the data, and encryption to help ensure it is safeguarded during transmission. Your data is secure, protected and available should you need it.

With automated remote data backup, expert technical support, and disk-based recovery, you can focus on core competencies knowing your business is fully protected.

Backup data is stored on industry-leading disk arrays located in state-of-the-art duo location facilities. Each datacenter is monitored and equipped with redundant power and telecommunication supplies, climate controls, and fire suppression systems, among other security precautions.

After the first backup, changed data is detected and is the only data to be compressed, reduplicated, and transmitted to our secure datacenters. Since changed data typically only represents a few percent of native data, this process greatly reduces backup windows.

Data integrity checks ensure the data received at the datacenter is an exact copy. Once the backup has been confirmed as successful, an email notification completes the process.
Intermediate File Storage Data Backup Plans:
Backup Limit Monthly Cost  
26 - 50 GB $75.00
51 - 75 GB $112.50
You may also call 920 836-3456 for more information.
Included Features:
26-75 GB storage
Automatic backups
Unlimited file retrievals and backup
CD/DVD orders available of your backups